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Digitization strategy and knowledge transfer

Research field:Querschnittsaufgabe
Research field:
Period: 07.2020 - 12.2022
Coordination:Dr. Claudia Böttcher
Editing:  Dr. Jochen Tiepmar


The COVID-19 pandemic is also seen in science as a 'motor', catalyst, and opportunity for digitization. Accordingly, the project aims to develop an innovative and contemporary digitization strategy. Thus, in addition to the two empirical studies, the core task of the project is to ensure digital scientific communication, local and international digital networking, and the transfer of knowledge to the public via multiple, digital formats and channels.

Simultaneously, in cooperation with institutions for political education and teacher training, a concrete contribution is to be made to the education of democracy among broad sections of the population, which will thus further the protection of democracy as a whole. It is planned to develop an Internet platform for the documentation and discussion of research on the connection between health crises, social polarization processes and conspiracy theories. This should firstly ensure science communication and contextualization of empirical research results in an international framework, secondly ensure sustainable research data management, and thirdly expand the international networking of corona research.


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PD Dr. habil. Friederike Kind-Kovács
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