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About us

Founded in the autumn of 2018, the doctorate programme brings together all doctoral students at the HAIT. The interdisciplinary nature and variety of research activities of the Institute are also reflected in the composition of the programme, comprising primarily history and political science. The programme provides a permanent platform promoting exchanges among doctoral students and enabling in-depth discussions of the complex challenges to be tackled prior to theconferral of a doctorate.

Doctoral candidates meet regularly to discuss jointly selected topics. Texts, short presentations and other motivational activities form the point of departure for the shared discussions. The program focusses on the methodological and theoretical foundations of academic work, principles of good academic practice, questions about organisational and time management and on prospects after conferral of the doctorate.

The conceptual framework for this shared work in the programme is provided by the historical and contemporary tension between democratic and dictatorial systems of power and their ideologies. In addition to meetings, the doctorate programme also offers internal workshops with the extended group of HAIT colleagues for a deeper treatment of thematic and methodological points.

Contact persons: Anselm Meyer and Josephine Starke