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                                                                 About the library

The library of the Hannah Arendt Institute is devoted to contemporary history.

  • The library’s collections largely correspond to the Institute’s areas of research:                                                                  History of National Socialism
                    History of the Soviet Occupation Zone/GDR            
                    History of the German Reunification Process from 1989 on
                    Political Extremism
                    Dictatorships in Europe
                    Hannah Arendt's Writings in German and English
                    Special collections: Theoretical Foundations of Totalitarianism Studies
  • While the information requirements of the Institute’s staff have priority, the collections are also available to students and other interested parties from the age of 18 in the form of a reference library for academic use. The open-access collections currently comprise around 53,000 volumes.
  • A wide range of journals, newspapers and databases can also be accessed.
  • Besides the local catalogue system, the national catalogue K10Plus (formerly South-West Association/SWB) also lists the book items. The journal titles can be viewed under the ‘Journals’ tab.
  • Visually impaired persons have the possibility of working in the library with the aid of a screen reader.