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Political Polarisation and Communist Past: Czech and German Case (POPOLACOP)

Research field:Transformation Research
Research focus: Self-Governance and Volunteering
Period: 01.2023–12.2025
Coordination: Dr. Klára Pinerová


The aim of this research project is to analyse the history of victim/survivor organisations in Czechia and Germany after the year 1989. The project seeks to study their activities and objectives with emphasis on the politics of memory and their role in its shaping. The project mainly aims to examine victim/survivor associations as participants in public life and the formation and maintenance of collective memory as well as how these associations tried to emphasise and utilise or promote their collective memory and interpretation of history in the political process and to contribute to a democratisation of society. The aim of the project is also to study how various factors affect the members of the association, in particular how they form and retain their identity and memory and deal with trauma or with a possible secondary traumatisation.

Funded by the European Union.

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Institute for Contemporary History (USD), Prague