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History of Psychology at Dresden Technical College / University 1920 - 1970

Research field:Dictatorship Research
Research focus: Saxony during National Socialism
Period: 08.2022–12.2024
Coordination: Dr. Christine Ludl


The project examines the history of production, circulation and application of psychological knowledge at the Technical College/Technical University Dresden. It is part of the project on the history of the TH (Technische Hochschule; Technical College) Dresden under National Socialism and mainly centers its analysis on the period of 1933 - 1945, but also takes into account developments since the early 1920s and after 1945. The project focuses on the articulation of fundamental research and application orientation and asks how, within complex interrelations between science, politcits, economy and society, the production of psychological knowledge and its application in education, the military and industry mutually depended on and enabled each other. It asks how psychological bodies of knowledge and research practices at TH/TU Dresden could establish themselves or remained marginal, how they changed through circulating between different sections of society, and which (dis)continuities and transformations can be identified across political and societal shifts. The study's starting point are the works and career paths of Dresden's psychologists and their integration into scientific, political, social and economic contexts, networks and institutions. The project aims to illuminate in more detail the complex interrelations between science and politics, as well as the production and application of knowledge, and to contribute to a knowledge history of psychology at the TH/TU Dresden and the role of technical colleges during National Socialism. Estates, personnel and research records, publications and presentations of Dresden psychologists, correspondence, funds of university, state and city archives and of the Federal Archive as well as of foundation and company archives will serve as the main sources.