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CLIMATE - CRISIS - SOCIETY - Renegotiating future, sustainability and energy security in the past and present

20/04/2023 - 10:45 to 13/07/2023
hybrid / online via Zoom

Description of the event


Renegotiating future, sustainability and energy security in the past and present

Humanity is in the midst of a climate emergency, which is driving people to the streets for different reasons: Some consider current climate policies too lax and demand urgent improvements, while others categorically reject state interventions – especially in individual lifestyles – and protest against stricter climate policy measures.

In addition to the seemingly temporary exceptional situations that brought climate as a ”problem” into people’s everyday lives (e.g., severe weather conditions, floods, and forest fires), the war of Russia against Ukraine added another crisis beginning in the spring of 2022, the profound international implications of which filled large parts of the population with concern, if not fear. But what strategies, explanations, and responses do (international) climate governance and climate diplomacy now hold to meaningfully link security and environmental sustainability?

The HAIT colloquium in the summer semester of 2023 offers an insight into current research on extremism, sustainability, and contemporary history that aims to contribute to a better understanding of the intersections of CLIMATE, CRISIS, and SOCIETY. The aim is to take a closer look at climate in history and the present in order to trace continuities and ruptures in dealing with climate and other disasters, to identify relevant actors, and to shed light on climate discourses under different political, social, or media conditions. In doing so, the question will be explored what contribution political science and historiography can make to coping with and shaping a time of multidimensional (climate) crisis experiences.

Organised by Maren Hachmeister and Stefan Brieger 

The colloquium takes place in a hybrid format or online via Zoom. If interested, you may register with your full name and by Monday before each event at: hait@tu-dresden.de
You will receive the conference link shortly before the event.

This project is co-financed by tax funds using the budget approved by the Landtag of the Free State of Saxony.

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Jörg Farys/Fridays for Future