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Right-Wing Extremism: Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions

Referent/in: Maximilian Kreter
19.03.2021 - 15:00 Uhr

Beschreibung der Veranstaltung

The webinar will be hosted via the WebEx conference platform. The event language is German. Access to the seminar is restricted. The target groups of the webinar are governmental or civil society practitioners. An institutional email account or proof of legitimate interest is required for registration.

Whether music festivals, martial arts tournaments, mail order, or real estate: the activities of right-wing extremists are in some cases becoming significantly more professional, and there is also ever-increasing networking across national borders. This poses new challenges for states and societies, especially at the local level.

The goal of this webinar is therefore to bring together public authorities and civil society practitioners to inform them about proven local (counter-)measures that can effectively limit the scope of action of right-wing extremists. In addition, new findings on the transnational networking of right-wing extremist actors and local case studies will be presented and discussed. The Chatham House Rule applies to this event.

The target group of the webinar is public authority employees (e.g. city hall, public order office, district council, finance, youth or building office as well as police) and employees of civil society organizations who would like to exchange views on these topics in particular:

  • commercial events (e.g. concerts and sporting events) by right-wing extremists;
  • commercial activities (e.g. mail order) of right-wing extremists;
  • effective official strategies and requirements for events, meetings, or demonstrations;
  • Dealing with so-called radicalisation strongholds.

At the beginning of the webinar, Alexander Ritzmann (RAN/Counter Extremism Project (CEP)) and Maximilian Kreter (Hannah Arendt Institute, Dresden) will present relevant developments in the field of transnational cooperation.


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