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Artikel von Veit Straßner

"La lucha continúa!“ – Der Kampf um die Erinnerungen an die Verschwundenen der argentinischen Militärdiktatur

TD: Jahrgang 3, Heft 2006, 2, Seite 345–368

Abstract / Volltext

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This article focuses on the changing public memories of the Argentinian dictatorship and of the disappeared. It analyses the social context, the political interests, and the strategies of different agents in the processes of the social construction of these memories. It will be shown that in the first years after the dictatorship it were mainly the political elites that tried to shape the image of the disappeard and to impose their view on the years of military government. After the unsuccessful struggle of the Human Rights Movement against impunity, the victims of state terrorism took a more active role in the public debate. This led not only to a change in dicourse but also to a modification of the content of the public memories. As legal justice has been denied to the victims of repression, they try to achieve at least historical justice.