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Article by Manfred G. Schmidt

Legitimation durch Performanz? Zur Output-Legitimität in Autokratien

TD: volume 9, issue 2012, 1, page 83–100

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This article explores the role of the output legitimacy in autocracies. A review of recent contributions to the study of autocracies and the analysis of data on outputs and outcomes do not support the view that autocracies are capable of generating a high level of output legitimacy through high levels of political performance. A wider range of barriers such as performance dilemmas, resource constraints, deficient processing of information, and trade - offs tend to inhibit the generation of large - scale output legitimacy in most autocracies. The solution suggested by rational choice institutionalism for the "dictator's dilemma", namely repression and political exchange, is, thus, in most cases either not feasible or feasible only in a limited, non - sustainable fashion. These findings lend support to the view that non - democracies suffer from a comparative structural "autocracy disadvantage". Autocratic leaders are therefore faced with the difficult task of having to choose between alternative modes of legitimation - as long as they prefer to escape the "dictator's dilemma" - or acceptance of the dictator's dilemma and increasing levels of repression in order to sustain power.

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