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Artikel von Kai-Olaf Lang

Polens Demokratie in Gefahr? – Die Kaczynski-Brüder an der Macht

TD: Jahrgang 4, Heft 2007, 1, Seite 45–62

Abstract / Volltext

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The 2005 Polish elections resulted in the victory of the national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS). PiS came out as the strongest party of the parliamentary elections, and its candidate Lech Kaczynski was the winner of the presidential contest. The power handover to PiS sparked concerns about the prospects of Polish democracy and the rule of law, since the party and its leaders had called for the creation of a “Fourth Republic”. Moreover, PiS has cooperated with populist and nationalist parties to get majority support for its governments. However, there is no evidence that Poland might embark on a path towards authoritarianism. Rather, the power politics of the PiS administrations could enact the beginning of a form of polarized democracy and consistent majority rule.