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Artikel von Axel Kreienbrink

Der Umgang mit Flüchtlingen in der DDR am Beispiel der spanischen "politischen Emigranten"

TD: Jahrgang 2, Heft 2005, 2, Seite 317–344

Abstract / Volltext

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This article deals with the way the SEDState handled the admission, residence, and return of Spanish political emigrants. It shows an overall ambivalent pattern. Admission is normally an act of sovereignty, but in this case it was made dependent on consent of the Spanish-Communist sister party. Spaniards were considered with a special sympathy due to historical reasons, but the SED nevertheless eyed them with a certain amount of distrust. They were expected to integrate into the GDR, but mainly into daily working life and less into society itself. And even in spite of the general assumption that everyone would eventually return, this particular issue sometimes turned out to be a disputed topic.