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Artikel von Giovanni de Ghantuz Cubbe

Lega und Fünf-Sterne-Bewegung: Rechts- und Linkspopulismus?

TD: Jahrgang 17, Heft 2020, 1, Seite 45–66


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As a consequence of the parliamentary election of 2018, two political powers have come to dominate in Italy: the Lega, mostly successful in northern Italy, and the Five-Star-Movement, with its stronghold in southern Italy. In analysing the election results, professional observers have come to the conclusion that Italy has become a divided country with a successful right-wing type of populism in the north and a thriving left-wing type of populism in the south. This interpretation leaves several aspects out of the equation however, in particular the programmatic ambivalence of the Five-Star-Movement, the reach of the Lega into southern Italy, and the similarities amongst the broader voting public. Is the common differentiation nevertheless suitable in order to describe the Lega and the Five-Star-Movement and to explain the current political constellation of the country?