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Artikel von Paula Diehl

Einführung: Populismus und Faschismus

TD: Jahrgang 9, Heft 2012, 2, Seite 203–206

Editorial: Populism and Fascism

TD: Jahrgang 9, Heft 2012, 2, Seite 207–210

Einführung: Populismus, Konzepte und Theorien

TD: Jahrgang 8, Heft 2011, 2, Seite 177–179

Editorial: Populism: Concepts and Theories

TD: Jahrgang 8, Heft 2011, 2, Seite 181–183

Die Komplexität des Populismus. Ein Plädoyer für ein mehrdimensionales und graduelles Konzept

TD: Jahrgang 8, Heft 2011, 2, Seite 273–291

Abstract / Volltext

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Populism research has never found a common definition of the phenomenon. Especially in empirical research, scholars operate with varied criteria, privileging different dimensions of the phenomenon. Given this situation, it is not surprising that they get contradictory results with regard to their case studies. But if we look closer at this situation, we can clearly see that the populism theory implicitly works with various dimensions of populism. This article proposes a new approach to populism theory and method and brings three dimensions of the phenomenon into the same concept of populism. In this perspective, populism is conceived as a multidimensional and gradual phenomenon.