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Article by Isabelle-Christine Panreck


TD: volume 19, issue 2022, 2, page 213–217


TD: volume 19, issue 2022, 2, page 219–223

Auf Abstand zur Demokratie? Coronakritische Einstellungen und ihre Mobilisierung in Sachsen

TD: volume 19, issue 2022, 2, page 305–326


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The Covid-19 pandemic triggered profound changes, some of which threatened to shake the foundations of liberal democracy. In Germany, government measures to contain the virus were accompanied by protests. What has remained unclear in the related academic debate so far is: What attitudinal patterns do emerge among the Corona-critical segments of the population – and by what narratives do crucial protest actors attempt to specifically address these orientations? The article explores the supply and demand side of the demonstration landscape by the example of Saxony and presents first-hand quantitative and qualitative data to describe the interplay between political entrepreneurs and mobilizable citizens.


Theorien des Populismus

by author: Dirk Jörke, Veith Selk

TD: volume 18, issue 2021, 2, page 317–318


Systemtransformatives Potenzial im deutschen Parteiensystem: Die rechtspopulistische AfD

TD: volume 17, issue 2020, 1, page 97–118

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The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) continues to captivate Comparative Politics: Whereas the party’s right-wing populist nature is known to be widely undisputed, its potential to transform the democratic system remains highly contentious. In addition to analyses that focus on the populist and extremist character of the AfD, this contribution seeks to identify the antidemocratic potential of the party on the basis of Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt’s “key indicators of authoritarian behaviour”. The analysis is complemented by a critical examination of Levitsky and Ziblatt’s call for a “distancing” strategy.

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Das Schweigen der Mitte. Wege aus der Polarisierungsfalle

by author: Ulrike Ackermann

TD: volume 17, issue 2020, 2, page 262–264



Bruchstücke der Erinnerung eines Sozialwissenschaftlers

by author: Klaus von Beyme

TD: volume 14, issue 2017, 1, page 174–177



Die unheilige Allianz. Die rechten und die linken Extremisten gegen Europa

by author: Anton Pelinka

TD: volume 12, issue 2015, 2, page 344–346