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Article by Behnam T. Said

Innerdschihadistische Kritik am Islamischen Staat

TD: volume 14, issue 2017, 2, page 251–264


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Narratives, that is narrations handed down among an ideological group or movement, play an important role for mobilising followers. There are considerations to challenge extremist narratives by creating counter-narratives or alternative narratives to counter militant extremism. Under certain circumstances this may be reasonable. However, this requires to deal intensively with the narrations and arguments of the ideological opponent. In the field of jihadism, an analysis of the quarrels between the so called Islamic State (IS) and other jihadists provides an opportunity to gain insight into ideological frictions, and to develop arguments against the IS which may look particularly authentic as they come from fellow jihadists. This text gives a short overview of inner-jihadist conflicts, then present some basic topics of IS criticism and contextualizes them under considerations of counter-measures.