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Russische und Französische Revolution im Urteil Siegmund Kunfis

TD: Jahrgang 14, Heft 2017, 1, Seite 141–152


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One hundred years after the October events in St. Petersburg, the number of interpretations counts by the thousands. Even if there are good reasons why this experiment of the century has lost almost all charisma, given the countless victims, nevertheless there are intelligent interpretations which are worth looking at because they are capable of providing better insights. Among them counts the comparison drawn ten years after the Russian Revolution by the almost forgotten Hungarian Social Democrat Siegmund Kunfi when he was in exile in Vienna. More systematically – and more intelligently – than others before him, he attempts to draw parallels between the course of the events in Russia, including the struggles between factions within the ruling Bolshevik Part, and the course of the great French Revolution of 1789. His – not frequently convincing – results are worthwhile still today, although there is reason for criticism.