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Artikel von Christoph Busch

Die NSU-Morde – ein neuer Typ rechtsextremistischer Gewalt

TD: Jahrgang 10, Heft 2013, 2, Seite 211–236

Abstract / Volltext

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Right-wing extremist violent offences going as far as to murder are nothing new in Germany. Ideologically legitimated and habitually rooted, there is a close connection of right-wing extremism and violence. Nevertheless, the series of murders by the “Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund” (National Socialist Underground, NSU) in our country means a new quality of right - wing extremist violence because in a previously unprecedented way it combines the characteristics of different kinds of violence. On the one hand, this series of assassinations by an underground movement was systematically planned and carried out, on the other hand this uncommunicated violence aims at the “migrant common man” without any symbolic value.