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Article by Peter Skyba

Die FDJ im Kreislauf von Krise und Reform – Jugendpolitik als Konfliktfeld von Herrschaft und Gesellschaft in der DDR

TD: volume 12, issue 2015, 2, page 269–287

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Being a mass youth organisation, the FDJ was a part of the institutional organisation of the GDR and thus an actor in the tension area between rulership and society of the SED dictatorship. The contribution provides a macro-analysis of the critical development of the association until the mid-1960s, with a focus on the success and defi cits of the attempts of implementing the guidelines set by the SED leadership among the target group of youths in the GDR. In particular it asks about the unintended side-effects of these processes, to then sketch some arrangements resulting from the confl icts and existing until the end of the GDR.

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