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Artikel von Florian Lipp

Punk- und New-Wave-Bands im letzten Jahrzehnt der DDR im kultur- und sicherheitspolitischen Kontext

TD: Jahrgang 12, Heft 2015, 2, Seite 225–248

Abstract / Volltext

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Due to the wide-spread consumption of Western media, by the beginning of the 1980s also Punk had its followers among youths and adults in the GDR. However, this sub-culture as well as its later manifestations in the course of the 1980s developed under completely different auspices than in the West. The years up to the mid-1980s were completely characterized by persecution by State Security, whereas the second half of the decade was characterized by compromises and attempts at integration. Now, under the label of “the other bands”, this recently persecuted music was heard on state radio and was funded and supported by the FDJ. The article sketches the development and asks about essential actors and discourses.