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„Volksgemeinschaft“ als Disziplinarpraxis – Hitlerjugend und Recht in der Beteiligungsdiktatur

TD: Jahrgang 12, Heft 2015, 2, Seite 207–224

Abstract / Volltext

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Against the background of the current historiographic debate on the analytical use of the National Socialist term “Volksgemeinschaft (ethnic or national community)”, this contribution tests this perspective for its applicability to the NS youth association. The two chronological dimensions of the term – both the prognostic and the declaratory one – allow for conclusions on the particular dynamic of the attempts to implement this societal main idea. Thus, by understanding it as a process, it becomes obvious that within the state youth association under leadership of the NSDAP social integration happened precisely also by way of exclusion mechanisms. At the same time the unfolding of the refined disciplinary and legal system for young men and women provided a variety of starting points for contributing in various ways and intensities and based on various motivations. Thus, the closely interconnected societal supra-structures of the NS associations can be recognized not only as tools of indoctrination and repression but at the same time as places where a dictatorship of participation was realised.