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Article by Andreas Kötzing


TD: volume 16, issue 2019, 2, page 95–100


TD: volume 16, issue 2019, 2, page 101–106

Einführung: Stasi konkret? Zur gesellschaftlichen Wirksamkeit der Staatssicherheit

TD: volume 11, issue 2014, 2, page 181–184

Editorial: The State Security and ist Social Impact in the GDR

TD: volume 11, issue 2014, 2, page 185–188

Vom Mythos der Allmacht – Die Darstellung der Staatssicherheit im DDR-Spielfilm der 1960er Jahre

TD: volume 11, issue 2014, 2, page 279–291

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The article deals with stylising State Security, by the examples of the DEFA spy films “Reserviert für den Tod” ( Spared for Death, 1963), “For Eyes only – Streng Geheim” ( For Eyes only – Strictly Confidential, 1963) and “Schwarzer Samt” ( Black Velvet, 1964). The author analyses by way of which narratives and stylistic means the MfS was presented in the early 1960s. Topically, these films reproduce all those threat scenarios employed by the SED propaganda to justify the building of the Wall. At the same time State Security acts as an almighty secret service always ready for the defence which is not used to control the population but rather protects it from imminent danger.

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