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Artikel von Rainer Erices

Im Dienst von Staat und Staatssicherheit: Bezirksärzte der DDR in einem maroden Gesundheitssystem

TD: Jahrgang 11, Heft 2014, 2, Seite 207–220

Abstract / Volltext

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In contrast to the broad public, district medical officers in the GDR were at all times well informed about the flaws of the medical system. Functioning as an interface between the Health Ministry and regional medical institutions, they were of outstanding significance. The here analysed MfS files on district medical officers in the GDR give evidence to the close connections of district medical officers to state authorities and State Security. The boundaries between official cooperation and acting as spies were blurred. Also, the files present a frightening picture of the state of the GDR’s health system in the 1980s.