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Artikel von Judith Faessler

Islamismus und Rechtsextremismus – Wechselseitige Perzeptionen, Konfrontationen und Kooperationen

TD: Jahrgang 11, Heft 2014, 1, Seite 73–94

Abstract / Volltext

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The history of interdependencies between Islamism and right - wing extremism shows two outstanding interfaces: anti - Semitism and, more recently, Islamophobia. From the Islamic point of view, in both cases the Muslims are the victims, in the first case victims of “the Jews”, who in this context are supposed to sweepingly represent both a worldwide conspiracy and the Israelis, in the second case victims of people who are as sweepingly – and sometimes rightly so – called enemies of Islam. By looking at the history of the Muslim Brother - hood, Salafism and Shia Islamism the respective appropriation of anti - Semitism as well as the perception of Islamophobia are sketched. Punctual cooperations result from ideological overlappings, particularly anti-Semitism. In the future we may expect confrontations between Islamists and Islamophobic groups to dominate the public debate on both kinds of extremism.