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Article by Armin Pfahl - Traughber

Ist der Islamismus bzw. Salafismus eine Form totalitären Denkens ? – Eine ideologiekritische Analyse von Klassikerpositionen

TD: volume 11, issue 2014, 1, page 49–71

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Sometimes Islamism or Salafism is called a third or new kind of totalitarianism. But how appropriate is such an estimation which, after all, originally refers not to political movements but to political systems ? If we limit ourselves to an analysis of published thought, we may very well identify formal common grounds for which we find evidence in the writings of “classical” authors such as Sayyid Abu A’la Maududi and Sayyid Qutb. They consist of the following typical features : exclusive claim to knowledge, dogmatic claim to absoluteness, essentialist monopoly of interpretation, holistic steering intentions, deterministic idea of history, identitary concept of society, dualistic rigorism and fundamental condemnation. These features come along with a claim to absolute power as well as the legitimation of violence.

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