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Article by Magdalena Waligórska

Stettin, Szczecin und der „dritte Raum“ – Erinnerung im deutsch-polnisch-jüdischen Grenzland

TD: volume 16, issue 2019, 1, page 39–59


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This article addresses the question of how contemporary commemoration projects spatialize the memory of Jewish and German presence in Stettin/Szczecin and map Jewishness in the urban space. Analyzing local memorial projects and autobiographical writings that address the Jewish past in Stettin/Szczecin, I investigate the particular conditions of urban nostalgia in the so-called “Regained Lands” where the Jewish legacy is inseparable from the German one and where the rediscovery of Jewish spaces thus entails a process of cultural translation and “overwriting” of contested spaces.