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Artikel von Barbara Stambolis

Wissenschaftler aus der Kriegskindergeneration als Zeitzeugen

TD: Jahrgang 15, Heft 2018, 2, Seite 233–262


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The here documented panel debate goes back to a public evening event during a congress in Leipzig in November 2015 on “Childhood in the Second World War”. Three renowned scientists from the generation of Second World War children, born in the years 1940 to 1943, were invited. In conversation with Barbara Stambolis and hosted by Heide Glaesmer, Peter Maser, Konrad Jarausch and Jürgen Reulecke discuss in retrospect what it means to have been a war child. They devote themselves to generational impressions and explore the connection between personal experiences and their research as well as their social commitment. They formulate thoughtful reflections on transgenerational dimensions and current effects of war and experiences of violence. It seemed to be of particular interest to what extent experiences of one’s own are important for the current international comparative research of World War II children.