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Artikel von Elke Gryglewski

Zur künftigen Arbeit mit Zeitzeuginnen und Zeitzeugen in Gedenkstätten zur Erinnerung an die nationalsozialistischen Verbrechen

TD: Jahrgang 15, Heft 2018, 2, Seite 165–176


Es folgt die Zusammenfassung in englischer Sprache following the article short description

Imagining the day in which there will be no survivors left to give testimony about their persecution and suffering during National Socialism seems to be so threatening and paralyzing that in the debate on the inclusion of the testimonies of survivors into historical education important aspects are overlooked. The article reflects on who the survivors were and are today and on the function of including testimonies of survivors into educational contexts. It then introduces and discusses alternative methods of including the perspective of the persecuted into educational contexts, while at the same time fulfilling the standard of presenting history in a multi-perspective way. Everything is discussed under the premise that nothing can replace the experience of personal encounter with those who suffered persecution during National Socialism.