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Article by János Tischler

„Lasst uns zumindest zu Hilfe eilen!“ – Die politische Opposition in Ungarn und die polnische Gewerkschaft Solidarnosc

TD: volume 4, issue 2007, 2, page 243–266

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When the Polish Crisis broke out in 1980/81, Janos Kadar’s political system in Hungary was already past its high point. The anti-Communist opposition, which was treated with a relative amount of tolerance by the government, emerged as Kadar’s policies began to show evidence of their decay. One of the main sections of the Hungarian Opposition, the so-called Democratic Opposition, considered the “Polish way” worthy of Hungarian emulation. The founding of the Solidarity movement also led them to organize themselves better and create a political action program. At the same time, this also offered Poles the opportunity to extend their influence through the work of the Solidarity movement

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