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Buchcover Reaching out beyond the national border?


Reaching out beyond the national border?

How far-right actors in Germany and Norway evaluate transnationalism

Manès Weisskircher

Nations and Nationalism, 2024

Research has emphasised the importance of far-right transnationalism, in terms of both ideology and practice. Yet, the literature lacks a comprehensive analysis of how far-right actors themselves reflect their transnational practices (or lack thereof), such as party-level exchange, joint protest events, or online communication. Drawing on original interview data from Germany and Norway, our research unveils that while far-right ‘nationalists’ generally endorse transnational activities, only a minority actively participates. The interviewees perceive transnational practices as opportunities for strategic learning, showcasing of collective strength, and networking. Simultaneously, they express concerns about being associated with extremists and getting entangled in conflict-ridden areas. Theoretically, we discuss the role of ideology and everyday life as well as the importance of only limited strategic incentives for understanding far-right transnationalism. In doing so, we draw parallels to experiences made by left-wing actors. Moreover, we underline the potential of Granovetter's ‘strength of weak ties’ for far-right diffusion.

Der Artikel wurde von Manès Weisskircher und Katrine Fangen geschrieben und ist in der Fachzeitschrift Nations and Nationalism erschienen. Er ist Open Access verfügbar.

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