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Job notices


The Hannah Arendt Institute offers internship positions involving diverse duties in research and project management to trainees required to complete an internship in accordance with study guidelines or examination regulations.

Classic activities include preparing conferences, editing academic publications (proofreading, revision of annotations, creation of indexes, etc.), excerpting from the academic literature and newspapers and transcribing handwritten manuscripts. Interns also have the opportunity to work in special externally funded projects (such as ‘Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism in Saxony 1871-1945’).

A very good knowledge of German and 19th and 20th century European history is required. Applicants should have an interest in specific research methods in history and political science (such as oral history). Joy in working in team structures and confidence in professional dealings count among the personal strengths we value. Experience in handling German and English texts, a very good knowledge of German and at least a good command of English are a must. An understanding of Romance or Eastern European languages is always advantageous given the international network of Institutes.

The internship is unpaid and runs as long as required by the particular study guideline or examination regulations. A personal adjustment of the internship period is possible on request.

The usual application documents (covering letter explaining interest and CV) should be sent to: