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Dr. Jakub Wondreys

Academic Researcher


phone: +49 +42 0728886609

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Academic career

  • 2021: Ph.D., Political Science and International Affairs, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia Dissertation: “Unpacking Second-order Elections Theory: Vote Choice and Turnout in European Elections”. Committee: Cas Mudde (chair), Alexa Bankert, Mollie Cohen, Shane P. Singh First Field: Comparative Politics Second Field: International Relations
  • 2015: M.A., Political Science, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois
  • 2013: B.A., Political Science, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

Work experience

  • September 2022 – present: Lecturer (part-time), Newton University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • January 2022 – September 2022: Research Officer & Lecturer, Newton University, Prague, Czech Republic
Lecturer, Newton University
  • Political Science, Social and Political Systems, Spring 2022
Research Assistant, The Centre for Extremism Research (C-REX), University of Oslo
  • Summer 2021
Research Assistant, University of Georgia 
  • Dr. Cas Mudde, Fall 2017; Spring 2018; Summer 2018; Spring 2019; Summer 2019; Summer 2020; Fall 2020
  • Dr. Daniel W. Hill, Jr., Fall 2017; Spring 2018
  • Dr. Megan Turnbull, Fall 2020
Research Assistant, Southern Illinois University 
  • Dr. Benjamin Bricker, Fall 2014; Spring 2015; Fall 2015
  • Dr. Tobin Grant, Fall 2015

Linguistic proficiency

  • Czech (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Italian (Fluent)
  • Spanish (Good)
  • Slovak and Polish (mutually intelligible with Czech)

Research projects

  • “Unpacking Second-Order Elections Theory: The Effects of Ideological Extremity on Voting in European Elections”. (under review)
  • Working Papers “Victims of the Pandemic? The Impact of Covid-19 on Narratives and Electoral Performance of the European Far-Right”. (manuscript in progress)
  • “Putin’s Puppets in Europe? The Far Right’s Reaction to the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine”. With Cas Mudde. (manuscript in progress)

Scholarships and Awards

Newton University

  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (955€), May 2022
  • APSA Travel Grant ($400), Fall 2022

University of Georgia

  • Graduate School COVID-19 Summer assistantship funding ($3,516.29), Summer 2021
  • Graduate assistantship, School of Public and Intl. Affairs (SPIA), August 2016–May 2020; August 2020–May 2021
  • Graduate assistantship, UGA at Oxford Program, Summer 2019; Spring 2020
  • Summer research assistantship, Dr. Cas Mudde, Summer 2018; Summer 2019; Summer 2020
  • Graduate fellowship, Seminar on Transnational European Studies in Berlin, Summer 2018
  • SPIA Departmental Travel Grant ($350), Spring 2018
  • SPIA Departmental Travel Grant ($250), Spring 2018
  • Graduate teaching assistantship, Freshman College Summer Experience, Summer 2017
  • SPIA Departmental Travel Grant ($250), Spring 2017
  • SPIA Supplement Award ($5,000), Fall 2016

Southern Illinois

  • UniversityGraduate assistantship, Department of Political Science, Fall 2014–Fall 2015

Academic self-government

Graduate Administrator, UGA at Oxford Program

  • Summer 2019; Spring 2020

Academic Tutor, University of Georgia

  • Comparative Politics, International Relations, Introduction to Research Methods, Italian, Fall 2017–Spring 2019

Functions and memberships

  • Peer Review, Journals: Czech Journal of Political Science, East European Politics and Societies, European Journal of Political Research, Interdisciplinary Political Studies, Nationalities Papers, Political Research Quarterly, Swiss Political Science Review
  • Peer Review: Funders National Science Centre Poland
  • Council for European Studies
  • European Consortium for Political Research
  • Midwest Political Science Association
  • Standing Group on Central and East European Politics
  • Standing Group on Extremism and Democracy
  • Standing Group on Political Parties


Articles in journals

Putin’s puppets in the West? The far right’s reaction to the 2022 Russian (re)invasion of Ukraine

Wondreys, Jakub
In: Party Politics (2023),

Unpacking second-order elections theory: The effects of ideological extremity on voting in European elections

Wondreys, Jakub
In: Electoral Studies, 85 (2023),

Victims of the Pandemic? European Far-Right Parties and COVID-19

Wondreys, Jakub; Mudde, Cas
In: Nationalities Papers, 50 (2022), 1, pp. 86-103.

The “Refugee Crisis” and the Transformation of the Far Right and the Political Mainstream: The Extreme Case of the Czech Republic

Wondreys, Jakub
In: East European Politics, 37 (2021), 4, pp. 722-746.

Public Opinion and Opposition Party Success: Evidence from the European Constitutional Courts

Wondreys, Jakub; Bricker, Benjamin
In: Justice System Journal, 39 (2018), 2, pp. 123-138.

Press Articles

Unlike Trump, Europe’s Far-right Leaders Haven’t Been Damaged by the Pandemic

The Guardian vom 17.12.2020

further publishments

The 2021 Czech parliamentary elections: the surprising victory of the anti-populist coalition

whogoverns.eu, 2021 vom 11.10.2021 to the internet article


01 January 2019 • The Centre for Extremism Research (C-REX), University of Oslo (Oslo, Norway)
Victims or Beneficiaries of the Pandemic? The Impact of Covid-19 on the Electoral Performance of the European Far-Right

01 January 2022 • ECPR Joint Sessions Université Catholique de Louvain (Mons, Belgium)
Electoral Democracy and European Integration: How the Current EU Crises Affect Voters, Parties and Elections in the European Multi-Level Electoral System

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