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54th Historikertag (Historians Conference) 2023

With participation of the HAIT two section proposals were selected for the program of the 54th Historikertag (Historians Conference).

The section "Der Körper und die Krise" will deal with the perception of the Spanish flu and its media reconstruction. In the panel, Hedwig Richter (Bundeswehr University), Mike Schmeitzner (HAIT), Matthäus Wehowski (HAIT) and Filip Bláha (Centre for Higher Education Studies, Prague) will focus on the experience of crisis and the body of actors at the time in the urban space of the dissolving Central European empires, where the various crisis phenomena were potentiated due to population concentration. The aim of the joint lectures is to present the omnipresent fragile factual situation about the Spanish flu in relation to the experiences of different collectives and their actors. 

The section "Fragiles Erinnern" deals with the interrelationship between history and the public sphere in social media. While Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and Andreas Kötzing (HAIT) will shed light on the changes in the culture of remembrance of National Socialism and the GDR, three practical presentations by Iris Groschek (Neuengamme Memorial), Leonie Schöller (historian) and Nora Hespers (author and freelance journalist) will address the tensions between communicating to the public and historical accuracy. The focus will be on the work of memorial sites, mediation on TikTok, and the controversial Instagram project @ichbinsophiescholl.

The 54th Historikertag will be held under the motto "Fragile Fakten" from September 19 to 22, 2023 at the University of Leipzig. With over 3,000 participants, it is one of the largest specialist congresses in Europe. The detailed program of the Historikertag will be published in spring 2023.


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