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New project at the HAIT

With the project DDtrust, a Data Trust Office for the scientific and economic region of Saxony is to be conceptualized, practically tested and established at the TU Dresden (TUD). The project is based on the preliminary work and experience of the existing independent Data Trust Office of the Faculty of Medicine, the Service Center Research Data and Unit 3.5 Information Security at TUD. The project is coordinated by the Chief Officer Digitalization and Information Management, Prof. Dr. Lars Bernard.

The neutral and independent Data Trust Office will ensure that the regulations on personal rights and copyright are complied with both for TUD data and for data provided for use by third parties (e.g. for analyses by the scientific community). The office is also intended to be part of a nationwide system of Data Trust Offices, as recommended by the German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures (RfII) and outlined in the federal government's current Data Strategy.

The project is funded by the BMBF.

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