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New project at the HAIT

The project aims to increase the scope, quality, and especially, in the course of digital processing, the national and international visibility of the HAIT regime dataset. It is one of the three classifications of political regimes and especially of autocracies that, along with those of Barbara Geddes, Joseph Wright, and Erica Frantz (2014) and Axel Hadenius, Jan Teorell, and Michael Wahman (2013), are currently most intensively discussed and used in national and international research. The core of the project is to make a contribution to the HAIT's digitization strategy and thus to increase the national and international visibility of the HAIT regime dataset as well as to underpin discussions in society and politics with a sound data basis. With the help of the project, profound societal challenges in the thematic field of global and European processes of autocratization and democratization will be highlighted in more detail and made comprehensible. Within the project, the scope of the regime dataset will be extended to the period 1900-2025, extensive quality assurance measures will be carried out and country reports will be produced. In the course of the project, the HAIT's cooperation with other institutions in the field of comparative autocracy and regime research will be deepened and consolidated, thus strengthening the HAIT's strategy of internationalization. Furthermore, based on the basic work on the HAIT regime dataset, a third-party funded project in the field of comparative autocracy research will be developed.

This project is co-financed by tax funds using the budget approved by the Landtag of the Free State of Saxony.

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