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National Socialist crimes and Stalinist justice

Research field:Dictatorship Research
Research focus: Rule and Society (Project completed)
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitzner


Mike Schmeitzner’s book, entiltled Der Fall Mutschmann. Sachsens Gauleiter vor Stalins Tribunal [Saxony’s GauleiterBefore Stalin's Tribunal], published in late September 2011, sketches both the pertinent stations in the Saxon Nazi Gauleiter’s life and the developments leading to his sentencing in Moscow. By April 2012 the book had gone through three editions. The tremendous response also became evident from the more than dozen book presentations and lectures continuing through the autumn of 2012. The book itself follows the research tradition at the HAIT (Soviet special judiciary after 1945) while also marking the start of the Institute’s newly established priority of research on National Socialist Saxony.