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Out of the Camps: The Rehabilitation of Hungarian Jewish Child Victims in postwar Sweden

Research field:Transformation Research
Research focus: Age, Care and Aid in Times of Crisis


This project explores the rehabilitation of Hungarian Jewish Child Survivors in postwar Sweden. It aims at closely examining the approximately 200 Hungarian Jewish children who arrived in 1945 to Sweden, where they were not only physically rehabilitated, but where many of them tried to reconnect with surviving family members. Some of the children stayed for a few weeks, others for various years. While Hungarian Jewish holocaust survivors arrived to Sweden with the help of the so-called 'White Buses' and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNNRA), the transnational rescue action was managed in Sweden by the "Raoul Wallenberg Aid Committee for Hungarian Deportees" (Magyar Deportáltak Raoul Wallenberg Segélyző Bizottsága). Closely examining letters and other printed and oral sources from Hungary and Sweden, the project aims at uncovering the transnational dimension of a postwar Jewish rescue action in one of the 20th century major transformation periods.