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Juvenile Rebellion or Extreme Right Propaganda? The Ideology of Right-Wing Extremism in German-language Rechtsrock from 1977 to 2017

Research field:Extremism Research
Research focus: Extremism and Populism Research
Period: from 04.2016
Coordination:  Maximilian Kreter


This dissertation project examines the ideological developments in the lyrics of German-speaking Rechtsrock groups (right-wing rock music groups) in Germany from their emergence until the present with regard to their significance at the point of intersection between entertaining (youth) rebellion and their role as a tool of political propaganda. Based on a content-analytical approach, the sources will be worked on and analysed qualitatively-quantitatively in order to capture continuity and change in the lyrics. For this purpose, a theoretical framework will first be established which contains the disciplines necessary for analysis. This is followed by a historical-sociological reconstruction of the history of right-wing rock. After the data corpus is presented and the methods of content analysis are explained, hypotheses will be formed with the aid of the historical-sociological reconstruction's findings, before finally the constructs to be measured will be operationalised. The analysis will proceed along the units of time and meaning of the historical-sociological reconstruction, extended by a reference group which was active over several periods to allow long-term control of possible processes of development in the lyrics.