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Yearbook on Extremism and Democracy

Research field:Extremism Research
Research focus: Extremism and Populism Research
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes


The yearbook on Extremism and Democracy promotes the scholarly study of political extremism in its various forms. The yearbook is intended as a forum for discussion, a reference source and an orientation aid all in one. The 30th volume comprehensively documents, comments on and analyses developments during the 2017 reporting year.

In addition to analyses, data and documents, the yearbook reviews the most important publications on the issues of extremism and democracy past and present. Current key areas include populism and semi-extremism, the practice of prohibiting associations in Germany, the NSU (National Socialist Underground) in comparison with the RAF (Red Army Faction), the Identitarian movement in the internet and in action, left-wing extremist factions and the danger posed by people returning from Syria and Iraq.

Contributors include Uwe Backes, Wilfried von Bredow, Hubertus Buchstein, Alexander Gallus, Sebastian Gräfe, Florian Hartleb, Eckhard Jesse, GerdKoenen, Jürgen P. Lang, MichailLogvinov, Tom Mannewitz, Isabelle-Christine Panreck, Clemens Pleul, Tom Thieme, Gerhard Wettig and Barbara Zehnpfennig.