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Right-wing motivated multiple and habitual offenders in Saxony

Research field:Extremism Research
Research focus: Politically Motivated Violence (Project completed)
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes


In the area of general juvenile delinquency, only a small percentage of offenders are responsible for about half of the reported crimes. On the other hand, the key regions with right-wing violence, such as Saxony, have a high proportion of multiple offenders (as reported by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) project at the HAIT, for example). This apparent concentration of criminality leads us to assume that an approach targeting the core group of multiple and habitual offenders could significantly reduce the violent crime rate. Consequently, interest has focussed on the specific problem constellations of this group. The subject of the project is the influence of these habitual offenders on the development of areas of concentration ineither right-wing or left-wing violence. The central objective of the project proposed by Uwe Backes, Mikhail Logvinov, Matthias Mletzko and Jan Stoye, approved by the Saxon Ministry of the Interior in 2012 (as part of its programme on ‘Cosmopolitan Saxony for Democracy and Tolerance’) and begun in July 2012 in co-operation with the Research Centre on Extremism/Terrorism of the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, is to develop a set of tools for the early detection of right-wing oriented multiple and habitual offenders and to submit recommendations for action to the authorities.