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Database for the Dresden National Socialist newspaper Der Freiheitskampf

Research field:Diktaturforschung
Research field:Sachsen im Nationalsozialismus
Coordination:Dr. Francesca Weil
Editing:  Christoph Hanzig, Sebastian Rab, Michael Thoß


This project conducts basic research for historical studies on National Socialism. The deliberate and war-related destruction of documents in the spring of 1945 meant the loss of centralised information on the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP) and on Nazi rule in Saxony. Organs such as the Nazi newspaper Der Freiheitskampf [The Struggle for Freedom] provide excellent means for making up for this loss. The full archive of the preserved issues from the years 1930 to 1945 have been digitised by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) and made available for access. A corresponding database is under construction at the HAIT. It will greatly facilitate searching through the extraordinarily extensive and therefore otherwise unwieldy archive. A database is a computerised finding aid for research into Saxon history and allows quick and precise access to selected texts of different genres through links to the digitised content. Besides permanent information such as dates and article titles, the database contains additional information on the content of the particular article. Unlike specific searches for press articles on particular events, the database also allows systematic queries according to the arrangement of subjects in the category structure and thus analytical perspectives on historical contexts.

Co-operation between the SLUB and the HAIT led to the partial activation of the database for the years 1930-1937, with other years to be added on their completion. In the SLUB and in the HAIT library users can search directly in the database from their respective workstations and enjoy immediate access to the digitised archive of Der Freiheitskampf. The HAIT Website also allows searching through the database, but without access to digital copies (see link to Der Freiheitskampf). The research project of the HAIT ‘Database for the NSDAP newspaper The Freiheitskampf’  is funded with tax money on the basis of the budget adopted by the Saxon parliament.