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Two states - one culture? Art and culture in divided Germany (1945-1990)

Research field:Dictatorship Research
Research focus: Culture and Media History
Period: from 01.2019
Coordination: Dr. Andreas Kötzing


The project deals with the development of central areas of culture in both German states in the period from 1945 to 1989/90. On the basis of existing literature, an overview of the previous research about the pan-German cultural history is to be compiled. The study, which will be published as part of a multivolume series on German-German postwar history, is addressed to students as well as a wider, historically interested audience.

The project's aim is to offer a concise insight into the dynamic history of entanglement and demarcation of culture in the GDR and the Federal Republic. Along the political turning points of the Cold War, both the state and personal relationships of artists are to be traced. Studies on media policy, literature, theatre and music, als well as on visual arts will be focal points. Additionally, everyday cultural aspects and their mutual relationships in East and West are to be illuminated.