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Research field: Extremism Research

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Comparative research of extremism and autocracy

The study of political extremism in all its variants has for a long time been a core topic at HAIT. As part of the restructuring of the research fields, empirical studies in comparative autocracy research will be integrated into this area going forward. This includes studies of the evolution of extremist ideologies, of the conditions for success of right-wing extremist parties and of politically motivated violence. In recent times, the range of interdisciplinary cooperative projects widened to include investigations into the relation of migration, social integration and political-cultural processes of polarisation. The view on the victimhood of vulnerable groups in non-democratic regimes (like women, children, those perceived as "foreign") opens up the intersectional perspective on extremism and autocracy. A new research topic deals with civil society actors of democracy protection in modern constitutional states in an internationally comparative perspective. Without detriment to their scientific independence, some of the researchers active in this field offer counseling to civil society groups and government agencies in questions of handling extremist threats and politically motivated violence.

Researchers: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes, Dr. Manuela Beyer, PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz, Maximilian Kreter, Zadekia Krondorfer, Dr. Manès Weisskircher, Dr. Jakub Wondreys

Current projects

coordination: Dr. Manès Weisskircher

"The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend?" The Alleged Love Affair between the European Extreme Parties and Putin’s Russia

coordination: Dr. Jakub Wondreyseditor: Dr. Jakub Wondreys

The HAIT Regime Dataset. Digital Preparation, Quality Assurance and Expansion

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz

Juvenile Rebellion or Extreme Right Propaganda? The Ideology of Right-Wing Extremism in German-language Rechtsrock from 1977 to 2017

coordination: Maximilian Kreter

Right-wing extremism and right-wing populism in Saxony

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes, PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz

Yearbook on Extremism and Democracy

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backeseditor: Prof. Dr. Eckhard Jesse (TU Chemnitz)

Completed projects

Development of co-operative structures at the Hannah Arendt Institute at the TU Dresden and the Research Institute on Social Cohesion at Leipzig University

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitzeditor: Uwe Backes, Philipp Currle, Tobias Genswein, Katja Pietrusky

Right-wing motivated hatred and violence in Saxony: trends, radicalisation and prevention

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes

Types of autocracy

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes

Variants of autocracy and its strategies of legitimation

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz

Right-wing motivated multiple and habitual offenders in Saxony

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes

Flight and integration. A survey of fugitives in Saxony

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz

Democratic Cohesion in Saxony (DeZiS)

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz