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Research field: Dictatorship Research

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Research focus Rule and Society

Current projects

DIKUSA - Networking digital cultural data in Saxony

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Herbert Backe - The food industry and the crimes of National Socialism

coordination: Anselm Meyer

Women who migrated from, to, and within Germany - interdisciplinary approaches taking into account the category experience 1918-2918

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Geflüchtete jüdische Akademikerinnen und Künstlerinnen 1918-1945

coordination: Francesca Weileditor: Francesca Weil

The GDR Ministry of Justice under the direction of LDPD Minister Kurt Wünsche and Hans-Joachim Heusinger 1967-1990

coordination: Franz-Joseph Hille

The socialist multi-party system in the GDR. Modes of operation and limits of block politics

coordination: Dr. Thomas Wideraeditor: Dr. Tilman Pohlmann, Michael Thoß

Completed projects

Beschlussregister. Institutionalisation in the GDR

coordination: Dora Busch

State persecution of homosexuals in Saxony 1933-1968

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhalseditor: Dr. Alexander Zinn

Stasi operation ‘Light’ in 1962

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

Childhoods in the Second World War

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil, Dr. André Postert

The Deutsche Volksliste (German People's List, DVL) in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1939/41-1945

coordination: Dr. Johannes Frackowiak

Biographies and case law of Wehrmacht judges

coordination: Dr. Claudia Bade

First in the district. Social profile, career and the reign of regional Saxon SED elites during the Ulbricht era

coordination: Dr. Tilman Pohlmann

National Socialist crimes and Stalinist justice

coordination: PD Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

The Saxon Grand Lodges after 1918

coordination: Franziska Böhl

Co-operation between the GDR Ministry for State Security (MfS) and the Polish Ministry of the Interior (MSW)

coordination: Dr. Tytus Jaskułowski

Edition project: Anna Walentynowicz and Anna Baszanowska: Shadows in the Future

coordination: Dr. Tytus Jaskułowskieditor: Dr. Eva Wiese

The Peaceful Revolution in the GDR, 1989-1990. The transition compared with Eastern Central Europe

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

Victims along the Saxon-Bavarian and Saxon-Czech borders between 1952 and 1989Victims along the Saxon-Bavarian and Saxon-Czech borders between 1952 and 1989

coordination: Jan Gülzau

Courageous women of the Confessing Church (Bekennende Kirche) in opposition to Nazi racial policy

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

History of the Bautzen Strasse detention centre and the Dresden State Security District Administration Authority 1945-1990

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

Construction soldiers in Prora and their protest against SED military policy

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

Nach den Diktaturen: Der Umgang mit den Opfern in Europa

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

Youth and Hitler Youth in National Socialism

coordination: Dr. André Postert