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Research field Theory and history

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Theoretical and intellectual-historical foundations of dictatorship research

This research area comprises methodological, conceptual and theoretical studies in comparative dictatorship and autocracy studies as well as related issues in intellectual history, conceptual history and moral philosophy. Results of these endeavours are incorporated in the Institute's series Wege der Totalitarismusforschung [Pathways of Totalitarianism Research], published by Vandenhoeck&Ruprecht, Göttingen, and devoted to annotated editions of out-of-print and unjustly forgotten ‘classics’ in totalitarianism research.

Current projects

Types of autocracy

coordination: Prof. Dr. Uwe Backes

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat. A History of the Concept and its Impact

coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

Variants of autocracy and its strategies of legitimation

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitz

Critique of utopian thinking – Karl Marx and Marxism

coordination: Prof. Dr. Lothar Fritze

Completed projects

Totalitarian thinking in Marxism and National Socialism

coordination: Prof. Dr. Lothar Fritze

The moral order of National Socialism

coordination: PD Dr. Wolfgang Bialas