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From viruses to viral conspiracy theories: The 'Spanish flu' and the COVID-19 pandemic in an interdisciplinary and international perspective

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses a profound challenge to our democracy. The connection between health policy, social participation, fundamental insecurities, and the polarization of daily social life raises new questions about the democratic legitimacy of state action. In particular, the combined fears of the spread of disease, its threat to one's livelihood, feelings of powerlessness, and the loss of social trust form a breeding ground for conspiracy theories and anti-scientific sentiment that has the potential to be spread and instrumentalized by right-wing populist and right-wing extremist groups. There is a need for social orientation and self-education in dealing with these seemingly new phenomena.

Using a diachronic and interdisciplinary comparison of the "Spanish flu" at the end of World War I and the current COVID-19 pandemic, the project analyses the connection between the health crisis, the establishment and stereotypization of scapegoats, and the spread of anti-democratic and xenophobic sentiment. The primary focus of the following historical and political science study is centered on Saxony and its neighboring countries: the Czech Republic and Poland. Simultaneously project uses innovative IT-based technologies (online platforms, virtual workshops and conferences, digital research data management) to cooperate with partners in the international scientific community, so that they may be able to pool international research results and present them to the interested public in Saxony and Germany.

Current projects

The radicalization of stereotypes and scapegoats in the wake of the Spanish Flu in 1918

coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitznereditor: Matthäus Wehowski

From #Corona Diktatur to 'Hygiene Demos': Conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 in digital and analog space

coordination: Dr. Isabelle-Christine Panreckeditor: Stefan Brieger

Digitization strategy and knowledge transfer

coordination: Dr. Claudia Böttchereditor: Dr. Jochen Tiepmar