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Research field Communism

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Research in the history of Communist dictatorships, especially the SED (Socialist Unity Party) dictatorship

The history of Communism has been one of the Institute's research areas since the founding of the HAIT. In keeping with the Institute’s charter, its focus lies on the history of the SED dictatorship. The research does not attend exclusively to the historical development of the GDR, however, but also inquires as to its general significance, both from the German-German perspective and in the context of other state-socialist countries. In addition to the exploration of the apparatus of domination, most recently cultural, media-related and social scientific research projects have been pursued.

Current projects

The socialist multi-party system in the GDR. Modes of operation and limits of block politics

coordination: Dr. Thomas Wideraeditor: Dr. Tilman Pohlmann, Michael Thoß

The GDR Ministry of Justice under the direction of LDPD Minister Kurt Wünsche and Hans-Joachim Heusinger 1967-1990

coordination: Franz-Joseph Hille

Zwei Staaten - eine Kultur?

coordination: Dr. Andreas Kötzing

Completed projects

The Prague embassy refugees of 1989

coordination: Dr. Karel Vodička

First in the district. Social profile, career and the reign of regional Saxon SED elites during the Ulbricht era

coordination: Dr. Tilman Pohlmann

National Socialist crimes and Stalinist justice

coordination: PD Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

Early death sentences in the Soviet Zone. Soviet military tribunals from 1944-45 to 1947

coordination: PD Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

Co-operation between the GDR Ministry for State Security (MfS) and the Polish Ministry of the Interior (MSW)

coordination: Dr. Tytus Jaskułowski

The Peaceful Revolution in the GDR, 1989-1990. The transition compared with Eastern Central Europe

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

Victims along the Saxon-Bavarian and Saxon-Czech borders between 1952 and 1989Victims along the Saxon-Bavarian and Saxon-Czech borders between 1952 and 1989

coordination: Jan Gülzau

History of the Bautzen Strasse detention centre and the Dresden State Security District Administration Authority 1945-1990

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

Construction soldiers in Prora and their protest against SED military policy

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

The 11th Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the SED in December 1965

coordination: Dr. Andreas Kötzing

Stasi operation ‘Light’ in 1962

coordination: Dr. Thomas Widera

East German film propaganda and West German censorship by the Inter-Ministerial Committee for East/West Cinematic Affairs

coordination: Dr. Andreas Kötzing

Images of omnipotence. Depictions of State Security in film and television.

coordination: Dr. Andreas Kötzing