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Research field National Socialism

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Research on the Nazi dictatorship

Research on the Nazi dictatorship has been an integral part of work at the Institute since the HAIT was founded. Since 1993, the Institute has published numerous studies on issues from an international and/or national perspective, but also on Saxony as a regional case study. The empirical studies are characterised by methodological diversity in addition to the range of topics.
Besides the political history of institutions, interest focusses on issues in the history of society, everyday life and experience, as well as issues cutting across historical watersheds. Several projects are being conducted in co-operation with the Saxon Memorial Foundation in Memory of the Victims of Political Tyranny and with the Saxon State Centre for Political Education.
Research on the National Socialist dictatorship

Current projects

Database for the Dresden National Socialist newspaper Der Freiheitskampf

coordination: Dr. Thomas Wideraeditor: Christoph Hanzig, Josephine Templer, Michael Thoß, Martin Käseberg

History of late Saxon war-time society (1943-1945)

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Biography of Dr. Curt Ludwig Ehrenreich von Burgsdorff

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Mind, power and violence. Heinrich Bennecke and the SA – a German career in the 20th century

coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

Youth and Hitler Youth in National Socialism

coordination: Dr. André Postert

The Dresden city council under National Socialism. Municipal welfare policy between 1933 and 1945

coordination: Benjamin Wernereditor: Benjamin Werner

Protestantism and the nationalist movement

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals

Aus, nach und innerhalb von Deutschland geflüchtete Frauen – eine Erfahrungsgeschichte 1918-2018

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Herbert Backe – Die Ernährungswirtschaft und die Verbrechen des Nationalsozialismus

Completed projects

The Deutsche Volksliste (German People's List, DVL) in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1939/41-1945

coordination: Dr. Johannes Frackowiak

Biographies and case law of Wehrmacht judges

coordination: Dr. Claudia Bade

National Socialist propaganda in Saxony 1921-1945

coordination: Stephan Dehn

The Saxon Grand Lodges after 1918

coordination: Franziska Böhl

Völkische Bewegung, Konservative Revolution, Nationalsozialismus

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

Edition project: Anna Walentynowicz and Anna Baszanowska: Shadows in the Future

coordination: Dr. Tytus Jaskułowskieditor: Dr. Eva Wiese

Courageous women of the Confessing Church (Bekennende Kirche) in opposition to Nazi racial policy

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhals M.A.

There can be no mercy. An exchange of letters during World War II

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil

Childhoods in the Second World War

coordination: Dr. Francesca Weil, Dr. André Postert

State persecution of homosexuals in Saxony 1933-1968

coordination: Dr. Clemens Vollnhalseditor: Dr. Alexander Zinn

Sachsenburg concentration camp 1933-1937

coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitzner

Saxony from 1933 to 1945. A historical travel guide

coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Schmeitzner, Dr. Francesca Weil

Development of co-operative structures at the Hannah Arendt Institute at the TU Dresden and the Research Institute on Social Cohesion at Leipzig University

coordination: PD Dr. Steffen Kailitzeditor: Uwe Backes, Philipp Currle, Tobias Genswein, Katja Pietrusky